Woman Quits New Job In 3 Days, Asks If She ”Overreacted”

''Great Relief'': Woman Quits New Job In 3 Days, Asks If She ''Overreacted''

Reddit users said that her decision to quit the job was right.

Starting a new job is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Meeting new people, learning new roles and responsibilities, and trying to fit into a new environment, can be challenging in the beginning. While such thoughts are normal, a person can feel an added amount of stress if the workplace is toxic, and the boss is unsupportive and insensitive.

Recently, a woman took to Twitter to narrate a similar experience and shared why she left her new job within 3 days of joining. She detailed the incidents that led her to take such a step and asked Reddit users if she was justified in quitting the job or if she was overreacting.

She explained that her boss scolded her for not doing her work, despite the fact that he never assigned her any tasks. He also questioned why she didn’t stay back to complete the assigned work and accused her of being slow. The boss further reprimanded her for spending more than 10 minutes in the bathroom and not disclosing that she previously faced mental health issues.

When she told him that she had been prescribed antidepressants a long time ago and stopped taking them more than half a year ago, the boss told her that she should have declared this to him during the interview,

The woman then wrote, ”When I explained all the above to him, he accused me of being argumentative. He then told me he was giving me until tomorrow (which is today) to decide if I am able to work there. I told him I didn’t need till tomorrow, and said I was resigning effectively immediately.”

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I quit after 3 days
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Reddit users sympathised with her and a lot of them said that her decision to quit the job was right.

“If you are treated this way as a new hire in training, he would have continued to treat you this way. He would have manipulated you to work harder and possibly off the clock. You did the right thing, good luck on your next job,” wrote one user.

“Seriously I think you have a legal action against this employer. Everything he asked about your constipation and mental health is illegal to ask,” another said.

A third wrote, ”Yeah, you did the right thing by leaving. It would have eventually rotted your health. He couldn’t wait longer than three days to lay into you? He must have suffered the most narcissistic injury during those three days.”

A fourth said, ”Berating you for your work on only the third day there is a huge warning sign. Every employee in the history of the planet has needed time to get up to speed in a new environment. If they don’t understand that, they aren’t worth working for.”

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