TikTok’s ‘Barbie Feet Challenge’ Has Left Health Experts Concerned. Here’s Why

TikTok's 'Barbie Feet Challenge' Has Left Health Experts Concerned. Here's Why

The challenge involves recreating a scene from the movie

The highly-anticipated movie ‘Barbie’ starring Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling which was released on July 21, is making a splash at the theatres globally. The Barbie mania is taking over, and people, companies, brands and everyone else is jumping on the pink bandwagon. The movie has also given rise to several viral trends across all social media platforms. One such trend is called the ‘Barbie Feet Challenge’, inspired by a particular scene from the movie.

The challenge involves recreating a scene from the movie where Margot Robbie’s character slips out of her heels and stands on the tips of her toes, while her heels remain in the air. To ace the challenge, women are attempting to step out of high heels, walk on tiptoes, and maintain their feet in an arched position.

The hashtags #BarbieFeet and #BarbieFeetChallenge have garnered a combined total of over 80 million views on the platform, and search interest for “Barbie Foot Challenge” increased 2,950% over the course of one week, Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center reported, according to the New York Post.

 Even American model Chrissy Teigen hopped onto the bandwagon.

However, health experts are now raising concerns about the potential dangers associated with the viral trend.

“Although the Barbie Arch makes a woman’s legs appear longer and toner, it is not without risk. If someone attempts the pose once or twice, they will likely be ok and produce a great TikTok video. However, if attempting the pose and stride over long periods, there are some risks involved. The ankle is unstable, which can lead to ligament sprains and injuries, commonly seen with high heel use,” Dr. Jodi R. Schoenhaus told The Post.

The high-arched position of the Barbie foot could also lead to muscle and spine problems as it puts strain on the lower back. It can also damage growth plates, a warning to younger girls who are still growing, she added.

”To walk on your toes without heels isn’t sustainable, and, in fact, the reality in the movie is that Barbie actually has flatfeet, along with 30% of the population. Considering we aren’t trained ballerinas en pointe, let’s keep the fad to movie stars who have props and multiple takes to make it look perfect,” she said further.

Notably, ‘Barbie’ is a live-action retelling made by reimagining the toy figurine. Everything in the film – from the costumes to the sets – is drenched in trademark Barbie pink colour. 

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