Shocking Video Shows Car Plunging Into Massive Crater In China As Rain Destroys Roads

Shocking Video Shows Car Plunging Into Massive Crater In China As Rain Destroys Roads

The SUV crossed a car on the road and plunged into a ditch shortly after.

A terrifying dashcam footage has emerged on social media that shows a car driving off a collapsed bridge and plunging into a crater below amid severe weather conditions in northeastern China. The video shows a white SUV attempting to overtake the car with the dashcam installed before tragically plummeting into a crater formed by heavy rain and floods that has washed away a section of the bridge in Heilongjiang province.

The car violently smashes into the bank on the opposite side and rolls onto its side, prompting a group of concerned onlookers to quickly rush to the scene and offer their assistance in recovering the vehicle.

Watch the video:

As the video progresses, it becomes evident that the river has carved through the damaged bridge, revealing another submerged car at the bottom of the murky pit.

The driver with the dashcam cautiously backs up as the white car tips over, dangerously unbalanced.

In another video, a group of individuals can be seen at the scene, actively involved in the rescue efforts for the trapped driver.

An unidentified man stands on the partially submerged car, clutching a rope, while the video demonstrates the immense force of the rushing water beneath them.

Fourteen people were reported to have died over the weekend in the Chinese city of Shulan due to flooding caused by Typhoon Doksuri, as per news agency Reuters.

Northeastern China, Beijing and Hebei province have seen heavy rainfall and floods since the typhoon made landfall in southern Fujian province two weeks ago.

The deaths in Shulan, in northeastern Jilin province, add to the more than 20 who died last week in Beijing and Hebei. Authorities have yet to provide an overall casualty figure for the entire country.

Regional authorities said sections of the Songhua, the main river in northeastern China, and the Nenjiang tributary remained at dangerously high levels.

Doksuri, which hit mainland China as a typhoon before veering northwards, is the most severe since records began 140 years ago.

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