“Rahul Gandhi Indulged In Drama In Manipur,” Says Amit Shah In Parliament

'Rahul Gandhi Indulged In Drama In Manipur,' Says Amit Shah In Parliament

“For 30 years, the country suffered dynastic politics, corruption, and casteism, Amit Shah said.

New Delhi:

Union Home Minister Amit Shah — responding today in a debate in parliament that has violence-hit Manipur at its centre — focussed primarily on government’s welfare work for farmers, women and the poor. He also presented a report card of the Centre in terms of fighting Covid and the drugs menace. Speaking on behalf of the Centre, which has been accused of neglecting the northeastern state, Mr Shah said he has to focus on the government’s “achievements” since the No-Confidence Motion against the Narendra Modi government is “politically motivated”.

The politics on Manipur, he said, is “shameful”. “They (the Congress) have done nothing for the Northeast, we have done that… For 10 years under UPA, nothing happened, he said, accusing the Congress of promoting infighting.

“Now there has been a 68 per cent decline in incidents of violence… Infrastructural development reduced time and distance.  PM Modi went to the northeast over 50 times in 9 years.  he connected northeast to India,” Mr Shah said.

Alleging that the No-Confidence Motion was brought to “mislead people”, Amit Shah said, “For 30 years, the country was suffering from dynastic politics, corruption, and casteism and PM Modi finished all these and gave politics of performance to the country”.

“Post-Independence, if there is one leader whom India completely trusts it is PM Modi. This no confidence motion doesn’t reflect the people’s choice, it has been brought in only to disrupt,” he added.

Unlike the Congress, the BJP will not resort to bribery to win, he said.  

“When Narsimha Rao was in power, a No-Confidence Motion was brought. The Congress wanted to save the government and they won the motion. JMM and several leaders were bribed. Many leaders were jailed, even Narsimha Rao (former Prime Minister) was also jailed,” Mr Shah said.

“In 1999, during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government, we could have also done that (bribing leaders) and we put forward our points and lost the motion by 1 vote. We could have saved the motion,” he said.

The Opposition, which brought the motion, is aware of the numbers being overwhelmingly in favour of the government.  

Opening the debate yesterday, Congress’s Gaurav Gogoi had admitted that the No-Confidence motion was brought to compel the Prime Minister to speak on Manipur — a demand that the government was not ready to accept.

Today, Congress’s Rahul Gandhi had accused the government of “Killing” Bharat Mata. “India is a voice, a voice of the heart. You have killed that voice in Manipur. You have murdered Bharat Mata in Manipur. You are traitors,” he said. He also alleged that the Prime Minister “has not gone to Manipur because he doesn’t consider it a part of India”.

The Home Minister accused Mr Gandhi of “indulging in drama” in Manipur.

“Rahul Gandhi went to Manipur, I welcome that. But he indulged in drama. He wanted to go by road to Churachandpur. we said he should take a chopper, but he didn’t. Then he took a chopper the next day,” he said. “If you think you can trouble the govt and people won’t notice, they will,” he added.

There was also a jibe. “There’s a leader in this house who was launched 13 times in the House and failed 13 times,” he said without naming the MP, who was reinstated to parliament on Monday.”In one of his speeches, he mentioned one ‘Kalavati’. All facilities to ‘Kalavati’ were given by our government,” he added.

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