Punches Thrown, Hair Pulled, Chair Used

WWE-Style Mayhem Caught On Camera: Punches Thrown, Hair Pulled, Chair Used

The police arrested several people in connection with the violence.

A WWE-style fight broke out at a riverfront park in Alabama, US, leading to arrest of several people, USA Today said in a report. The brawl took place on Saturday, with dozens of people involved. The entire incident was captured on camera and clips shared on social media. One of the videos shows a man using a folding chair to hit the opponents. By Sunday, Montgomery police had issued four active warrants, with the possibility of more to come as they review videos posted on X, previously known as Twitter, as per NBC-affiliate WSFA.

According to witnesses, the fight began when a group of boatmen attacked a dock worker at Montgomery Riverfront, said the outlet. The situation escalated quickly, resulting in people being thrown into the river.

The chaotic scene unfolded around 7pm on the 200 block of Coosa Street, said the police.

The argument was triggered by the refusal of a group of boatmen to move their pontoon boat. This account was seemingly supported by Montgomery’s mayor, Steven Reed, who emphasised that the police promptly apprehended several individuals involved in the attack on the dock worker.

In another video, a shirtless man appears to initiate the violence by running up and punching the dock worker in the face. The struggle intensifies as two more men join in to attack the worker, while onlookers shout for help. A woman can be heard urging others to assist the employee.

During the argument, a man rushes down a ramp to the dock, and another individual jumps into the river to come to the worker’s defence. The fight momentarily subsides as several others arrive at the dock to support the dock staffer.

However, a separate video clip shows another group of people approaching the pontoon boat, and tensions flaring once again as punches are thrown, hair pulled, and a woman thrown into the water.

Subsequently, even more individuals, both men and women, join the fight in the third video clip. In the midst of the chaos, a man uses a folding chair to strike both a man and a woman from the group of pontoon boaters. Police officers quickly intervene and apprehend the chair-wielding man and several others involved in the incident.

Mr Reed expressed his concern about the violent actions and emphasised that those who resort to violence will be held accountable by the criminal justice system.

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