People Have Confidence In PM Narendra Modi, Says Amit Shah In Parliament On No-Confidence Motion

'People Have Confidence In PM': Amit Shah In Parliament - Top Quotes

Home Minister Amit Shah spoke on the no-confidence motion in parliament (File)

New Delhi:

Home Minister Amit Shah spoke in the Lok Sabha today on the discussion on a no-confidence motion moved by the opposition. Here are Mr Shah’s top quotes:

  • Sometimes in order to check the government’s majority, the opposition brings the no-confidence motion. The government and the house have full confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Whenever you bring a no-confidence motion, you bring arguments over the policies and decisions. It was brought only for kranti.
  • The no-trust motion was brought to mislead people. The house and the people have full confidence in the government.
  • I want to tell everyone that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is the first government since independence with two-third majority, and the confidence of people did that, twice. PM Modi is the hardest working PM since independence. Many surveys in the world say that too. He has never taken leave, he works for 17 hours a day.
  • PM Modi gave the slogan – Corruption quit India, dynastic politics quit India, appeasement quit India. The no-confidence motion is a constitutional process, and we have no objection. I believe it brings out the real face of alliances. When Narasimha Rao was in power, a no-confidence motion was brought and the Congress wanted to save the government. They won the motion and sent many political leaders to jail.
  • Congress had been in power for 35 years; they took many decisions that will be remembered. But in nine years of the NDA, over 50 decisions had been taken, which will also be remembered. For 30 years, the country had been suffering from dynastic politics, corruption, and casteism and PM Modi finished all these and gave politics of performance to the country.
  • In 1999, during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government, we could have also done that (bribing leaders) and we put forward our points and lost the motion by one vote, we could have saved the motion. Sometimes, a no-confidence motion brings out the real pic of alliances. We lost by one vote but came back with a majority.
  • People are watching, and they know everything. We are in politics of development, but they bribe leaders to save their government and principles.
  • You (Congress) waived off loans worth Rs 70,000 crore. We don’t believe in waving off loans. We want people to not take loans and give them benefits through the direct transfer benefit scheme. This is not revdi (freebies). We did a survey and gave Rs 6,000 to farmers who own less than 2.5 acre land.
  • (Bihar Chief Minister) Nitish Kumar made fun of Jan Dhan scheme. We opened 49.65 crore bank accounts and used direct-benefit transfer (DBT).
  • India was able to successfully fight COVD-19; the centre and state governments fought the pandemic together. But the opposition targeted the government over vaccine and called it ‘Modi vaccine’.
  • You may have no-confidence in the government, but the people of the country are with PM Modi.

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