Huge Protest In Rajasthan After Schoolboys Fill Girl’s Bottle With Urine

Huge Protest In Rajasthan After Schoolboys Fill Girl's Bottle With Urine

Visuals showed a huge crowd with some men carrying sticks.


A huge protest broke out in a Rajasthan village today after some schoolboys allegedly filled urine into the water bottle of a girl from another community. The boys also put a love letter inside their classmate’s bag, the girl claimed.

The angry villagers tried to enter the house of the boy and hit a police team with stones when it tried to stop them. The police then lathi-charged and chased the protesters away.

Visuals showed a huge crowd with some men carrying sticks. A police team is also seen trying to disperse the crowd.

“The girl, a student of a government senior higher secondary school, had gone to her home for lunch, leaving her bag and bottle behind in her class on Friday. When she got back and drank from the bottle, she detected a foul smell and found out that some boys had mixed urine with water,” said Additional Superintendent of Police Ghanshyam Sharma.

The girl then complained to the principal, who allegedly didn’t take any action which agitated the villagers. When the school opened today, they raised the issue with tehsildar, the in-charge of the Luhariya Police Station, and the school principal. However, when no effective action was taken, the villagers entered the locality of the boys and started throwing stones.

No case has been registered in the case as the girl is yet to file a formal complaint with the police, said an official, adding, action will be taken against those who were part of the protest.

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