Congress Leader’s ‘Show Proof’ Jab At Amit Shah’s Covid Vaccine Charge On Rahul Gandhi

Congress Leader's 'Show Proof' Jab At Amit Shah's Covid Vaccine Charge On Rahul Gandhi

Amit Shah attacked Rahul Gandhi in parliament over COVID-19 vaccination

New Delhi:

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s colleague who is in charge of the party’s social media and digital platforms came to his defence today after Home Minister Amit Shah attacked the MP over COVID-19 vaccination.

Mr Shah, during a discussion in parliament on the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition, alleged Mr Gandhi was among opposition leaders who spread misinformation about India’s COVID-19 vaccine.

“India was able to successfully fight Covid. The central and state governments and people fought Covid together. But the opposition targeted us over vaccination, even called it ‘Modi Vaccine’,” Mr Shah said.

“Politicians like Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav opposed India’s vaccines, many leaders opposed lockdown – we delivered on vaccines, imposed a lockdown, saved lives and also helped more than 80 crore people by giving them ration,” the Home Minister said, adding only the opposition has no faith in the government. “People of this country have faith in the Modi government,” he said.

Responding to Mr Shah’s attack on Mr Gandhi, Congress digital platforms chief Supriya Shrinate tweeted the Home Minister is a “liar”.

“Amit Shah, challenge you to show one instance of when Shri Rahul Gandhi said don’t take the vaccine against Corona. You are a liar. A man who lies in parliament,” Ms Shrinate tweeted.

Mr Shah said the no-confidence motion shows the real character of the opposition.

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi began the discussion after the party tabled the motion in the lower house on Tuesday. The Congress said it was forced to move the motion against the government in order to break Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “maun vrat” (vow of silence) on Manipur.

PM Modi faced his second no-confidence motion in parliament, or the first in his second term.

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