Chinese Man Buys And Destroys Vendor’s Noodles After “You Can’t Afford It” Insult

Chinese Man Buys And Destroys Vendor's Noodles After 'You Can't Afford It' Insult

The man destroyed all packets of instant noodles.

A man’s reaction after being insulted by a street vendor selling noodles in China has sparked a debate online. According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), the incident took place in Shandong province when the unidentified man visited the night market. He told the vendor that 14 yuan ($2 or Rs 164) for a bowl of instant noodles was too expensive. The vendor tried to explain, but the man asked for ingredients. The noodle seller told him he has used an egg and two vegetable leaves.

“How is it possible to sell at 14 yuan each? Too expensive, isn’t it?” SCMP quoted the man as saying.

The vendor refused to answer him and waved him away. But the man kept asking him the reason about the “high” price.

The vendor’s son then stood up and shouted at the customer. “If you can’t afford it, then get out of there,” he told man.

This infuriated the customer who asked the price for each packet of noodles and said he would purchase all of them.

He then paid 850 yuan ($120 or Rs 9,920), smashed the packets on the ground, and paid an additional undisclosed compensation, as per the Chinese outlet.

Watch the video:

“The son made an apology, but it is useless. Can’t I smash the things I own?” he told the noodle seller.

The video of the incident sparked discussion on Chinese social media.

“He scolded you, and you rewarded him with 850 yuan. Are you OK?” asked one user. “It’s a youthful indiscretion,” said another.

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